Escaping the Heat

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Escaping the Heat

Andru Urate, Staff Writer

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Summer is near and with it comes the summer heat. While summer is a time to
be active, the question is how can you protect yourself from the heat? Here are some
ways that can help you stay cool this summer:
Tip #1: Wear summer clothing. When out and about, summer clothing may
include shorts, tank tops and other items in lightweight fabrics. Layering might not seem
obvious, but when you are going in and out of air-conditioned buildings, a light jacket or
sweater – or even a button-down, long-sleeved shirt – may keep the chill off and make
going out into the heat again a little easier. Obviously, people who are going to spend
time near the water will want to wear swim-appropriate gear in the hot weather.
Tip #2: Eat cold food/snacks. Eating cold foods and drinks, such as iced tea or
popsicles, can help keep the body cool on hotter days. Colder meals are easier to enjoy
– think sandwich rather than burger – during the heat of the day and cold drinks can
keep the body temperature down, but be careful. According to, it is wise to stay away from
caffeine and sugary drinks. Those who are burning off calories can easily become
dehydrated and water or drinks with electrolytes are the best way to deal with these
Tip #3: Always be comfortable when playing in the heat. It’s good to sweat in the
summer, but comfort is important, too. Being uncomfortable in the heat can cause
stress and that can lead to a number of problems. It is important to take breaks when
doing active things, especially as the temperatures rise. And it is okay to go inside for a
respite from the heat. Just don’t find yourself chilling on the couch and wasting another
summer in front of the television or video game console.
Tip #4: Take cold baths or showers, or even a dip in a pool, or spend some time
at the beach where you can be hot and then cool.
Tip #5: Here's a trick that my dad uses to keep his cool – if you have a hat on
right now simply take the heat off and pour a little of ice cold water in it. Then put the hat
back on. It is a pretty good idea, right?
Being cool is the number one thing to be when summer hits. Make sure that you
have all the stuff prepared that will help you keep your cool. Waters have to be in the
fridge, ice cream ready to eat in the freezer, and extra cold beverages that are in the
cooler or the fridge.

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