Athlete Focus: On his way up

Chyna Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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As a wrestler in the 220/195 range, Tommy Nguyen was a Senior Monticello Empire League (MEL) runner-up last year as well as a Masters Qualifier. His goal this year is to take league and have place at Masters.

I joined wrestling to lose weight because I was kind of a heavy-set kid during elementary school and ninth grade,” he said. No one inspired me to start wrestling. I just wanted to join something that peaked my interest.

Nguyen out for other sports like football but it just wouldn’t cut for me like wrestling did,” he said. “Wrestling has taught me self-discipline and self-control and has helped me become more hard-working, dedicated and focused on my goals.

His favorite move is the head-and-arm because it is something he has become comfortable with. The only downside to wrestling, according to Nguyen, “is losing a match you know you should have one because it ends up being one of those what ifs that go through your mind like a never-ending CD.

To those who would like to join wrestling, Nguyen would like to say that it may be really hard at first but, as a person continues and get better, it gets more fun and easy.

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Athlete Focus: On his way up