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At first it was very difficult for Kevin Paedes Hernandez who moved from Mexico in December, “but with effort and practice, I’m improving,” he said.

Paedes Hernandez moved to the United States with his mother and brothers because he wanted a better future and he is learning to fit in well. He enjoys his classes at Armijo and has already set his sights on attending college in California. While he may eventually visit his home again, he has no intention of doing anything beyond visiting. Still, he does miss the friends he left behind.

Since he has been at Armijo less than a year, he still hasn’t found a place to fit in on campus. He may not spend time participating in any extracurricular activities, but Paedes Hernandez does enjoy listening to music. He said that he doesn’t have a favorite genre he did admit that he likes rock and classic.

Next month, Paedes Hernandez will be able celebrate the end of his first year in the United States. If things go the way he hopes, will be the first of many.


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Nov 2017 | Far From Home | Ready to Soar