Community College or 4 Year University?

Abby Vigil, Senior News Editor

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There is a lot of benefits to going to a Community College, as well as a 4-Year University. Along with many other factors, some of the reasons that students choose either one. As far as cost goes, Community College is a lot more affordable. Community college is nearly ⅓ of the average of 4-Year universities. You can potentially go to a 4-Year University after you finish community college, which covers both grounds, but your degree is for the 4-Year University.

There is ways to make a 4-Year University more affordable depending on where you go. You could potentially commute to either one. A Community College you have to commute to, whereas a 4-Year you have an option to. In a Community College you have the oppurtunity to explore majors without spending too much money. Typically Community Colleges are smaller, and more one on one interaction, similar to high school.

Community College you do not have to be accepted into, while 4-Year Universities you do. If you did not perform as well as you wanted to in high school, you can still pursue a higher education. Unfortunately, there might not be as much of a typical “college experience” since there is often less to do at a community college activity wise.

Community College might be for you if you want to see what college is all about without spending as much money. After all, there are a lot of choices, and there’s no perfect choice between the two for every person. Students need to make that decision on what they think is right for them.

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Community College or 4 Year University?