How to: Avoid Procrastination

Jessica Contreras, Staff Writer

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Are you putting something off? Like a project for a class or cleaning your room?
Yeah, you’re procrastinating. It’s hard to actually do things which is why we put together
a few tips to help you get your life back on track.
Tip #1- Acknowledge that you are procrastinating.
The first step to moving forward is acceptance and being in denial is not going to help
Tip #2- Make a plan.
Write down things you need to get done and by when. Estimate how much time you
need to do each thing.
Tip #3- Stick to it.
This is the hardest part but who said this was easy?
Tip #4- Keep distractions away.
That's right, put your phone on silent and turn off your TV. If you prefer. you could
isolate yourself from other people as well if you consider them distractions.
Tip #5- Make a playlist.
If you can’t work without distractions, you might want to control them instead. Try
listening to videogame music or music made specifically to help you focus. That type of
music is designed to be nice on the ears but not distracting.
Tip #6- Stop overthinking.
Oftentimes people procrastinate because they make things out to be worse than they
actually are.
Most importantly, think about what will come out of doing all these things. Rewards
always have a positive effect and bring motivation. Think about that ice cream waiting in
the fridge or the A you will get on that project.

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How to: Avoid Procrastination