Teen Drivers May Face New Restrictions

Assembly Bill 63 aims to reduce teen driving accidents by imposing driving restrictions to new drivers 21 and under. This bill was introduced to the legislature by Congressman Jim Frazier, who was inspired by similar effective bills he had seen in other states.  The new legislation will increase the age that new drivers must hold a provisional license from 18 to 21. Provisional licenses are given to teens after they completed six months of having a learner’s permit, completing a driver’s education program, and passing their driving test. Teens holding a license are restricted to driving from 11pm to 5am and are prohibited from driving anyone under the age of 20 unless a licensed adult of the age 25 or older is present in the car. When the driver turns 18 all restrictions disappear but, if AB 63 passes, those restrictions are not to disappear until the age of 21. The passing of the new legislation is also expected to reduce underage drinking, since provisional licenses are vertical rather than horizontal – making it harder to create fake IDs

When asked about the new legislation, students had mixed reactions. “If this bill passed it would be good since the number of accidents would decrease” said Michelle. “I believe this is a good bill because I can’t imagine losing my friend due to a car accident,” said Jessica. “I wouldn’t want someone to go through that either.” But not everyone was in favor of the bill. “We’re technically adults at the age of 18 so I don’t get why we would still have restrictions on driving when we might have night shifts at work,” said Amanda.

The bill goes to the Senate Appropriation committee for a decision on Friday, September 1.


For more information and updates, go to https://legiscan.com/CA/bill/AB63/2017.

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