Sanz has chosen a different starting point

At Work: Izrael Sanz, daycare


Ronald Salas Salomon

Working with young children keeps Izrael on his toes.

Danna Andrade, Staff writer

Izrael Sanz is juggling his schoolwork at Armijo with his part time job at a daycare, Wiggle Works Kids.

This is Sanz’s first job and he was nervous once he started working. There’s a lot of responsibility in a position like this. His job requires him to check in the kids and watch them, keeping them both safe and entertained. Parent are required to fill out a waiver for the child’s safety, but once that is done, the kids may enter and have the privilege to come in and out of the daycare as long as they have their wrist band on.

Sanz said that his favorite part of the job is meeting new kids and their parents, but it is not always all about fun. “The worst part was maybe all the screaming from all the kids in the building,” he said.

He works three days a week, between four and five hours a day, and he typically goes to work straight after school, with his shift starting at 4 pm. After the children have gone home, his shift usually ends with cleaning and disinfecting and he is able to go home around 8:30 pm.

On weekends, there are some parents who like to celebrate their child’s birthday party at the daycare, and Sanz says that they are not too hard to host. He introduces himself to the parents and helps them with anything they may need. He then helps the family pay the remaining balance once the party is over, and he usually gets left a tip for being such a great host! When parties are over, it is up to the hosts, Sanz and another coworker to clean and throw away the trash.

Overall, Sanz enjoys his job because it is calm, flexible, and fun. “I enjoy seeing kids having fun,” he said.

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