Graduation comes a year early for Fountain

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When it comes to high school, students are expected to graduate. It makes sense that after thirteen years in school, graduation is one of the biggest events that seniors stress about. Some students worry about whether they have enough credits to graduate on time. Some are confident they’re on the right track. Several students are stuck having to take extra classes just to catch up. Nevertheless, one student at Armijo got ahead of the game and will be walking across the stage a whole year early.

Ra’Keil Fountain had a very good reason for accelerating her education. “My parents held me back when I was in first grade,” she said. “I decided to catch up.” While she had not been planning to graduate in 2017 when she was in elementary school, it was a decision that she made last summer.

Students are able to make up one year in many ways. Some go to summer school to earn extra units. Others take additional classes at the adult school or community college throughout the school year. After talking to her counselor, Fountain decided that her best route would to be to apply herself in classes through Edgenuity.

Fountain will be going to Solano Community College in the fall and transferring to a university. While she is going to walk across the stage at graduation with the class of 2017, she has decided to not to go to Grad Nite. She’s enjoyed her time at Armijo but hasn’t really been involved in any clubs or sports. “As a hobby, I like to read,” she said.

Fountain has been happy with Armijo as her home school though and said that she wouldn’t change anything. “I would like to thank the staff for being so hands-on,” she said. “This school is basically perfect.”

If she were to offer advice to someone else trying to get through high school early – whether a semester or a year – she would encourage them “to stay focused and to keep up with everything that helps them graduate early.”

It is said that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and Fountain admits that her village is pretty small. She said that her role models are her parents because “they make anything possible.” She may actually serve as a role model for her sister Madison who is 11. Fountain also has an older brother, Brandon Ruffin, who is 21.

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Graduation comes a year early for Fountain