Two brothers come home years later

Far from Home – Jeremy and Jacob Carlos Bravo


Jacob and Jeremy are right back where they started from.

While both Jeremy and Jacob Carlos Bravo were born in Fairfield, they’ve spent the majority of their lives in Mexico. They ended up at Armijo at the end of 2022, because some cousins were there and some friends, too.

Their hometown was normal, as Jacob described it. “Stores around, schools around, and parks,” he said. The brothers left much of their family behind and they miss them, but they also brought part of their family back to Fairfield. “Two cousins came with us, but they came here for a wedding,” Jacob said.

His favorite type of music is praise music. “I like to praise God,” he said. Although he hasn’t gotten involved in any sports or extracurriculars yet, he has time. He is currently a sophomore.

Things are still pretty new for both of the boys who came back to Fairfield on December 2. Jacob said that his favorite thing about Armijo is the library, although he is looking forward to graduating. He’s a member of the Class of 2025 and his brother will graduate in 2024.

When he graduates, Jacob said he wasn’t sure if he will go to college, but he does plan to get a full-time job. He has no intention of moving back to Mexico.

Jeremy did not respond to requests for an interview.