A last-minute prom checklist!


Make sure to plan well to have successful Prom memories.

It’s hard to miss the fact that Prom will be held from 7 to 11 pm to Saturday, May 21 at the Library Galleria in Sacramento. Those who are planning to go need to be sure that they have everything ready and that means checking information off the list.

Those taking transportation need to finalize those arrangements, which may include collecting money from each passenger and confirming the details with the limousine company. The last thing people want is to miss the big event because their ride cancelled out on them.

Another thing on this checklist is to remember to schedule any last-minute appointments such as hair, makeup, and pre-prom pictures. Since prom-goers will be dancing the night away, it is worthwhile to try on the dress or tux a few days before the event to make sure it still fits, along with your shoes to make sure they are broken in and comfortable.

If you plan to go out to eat before prom, make sure that the restaurant is open when you want to dine and also make sure that you have money available to pay for the meal. Does your selected restaurant accept reservations? You don’t want to wait to make them, if they are necessary.

Above all, those attending prom should remember not to stress or worry too much. Just have fun and enjoy this night. They should be sure to make memories that they can be proud to recall years later and stay safe.