Take your knowledge of art to another level

In this class: Art II (Pre-IB Art)


Emily Torres Maravilla

The work of IB students in Art II is intense and creative.

In the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District (FSUSD), there are several classes that are taught only at Armijo. Many of those classes are connected with the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which is only offered at Armijo. 

ART II, or Pre-IB at Armijo, is one of those classes. It is open to any upperclassman, sophomores to seniors, and can serve as a pre-requisite for IB Visual Arts I and II, where they will “produce studio work grounded in visual and written investigation and a research workbook to support, inform, develop and refine work through sustained contextual and critical study. Students should demonstrate connections between academic investigation and studio work.” 

Taking Art II, however, as a pre-requisite as sophomores, as IB Visual Arts I would then be taken as a junior and IB Visual Arts II as a senior.

Even those who do not go on to use this class as a pre-requisite, it still meets the UC/CSU requirements in the category of F. And students can take it a second year for credit.

According to the FSUSD Course Catalog, students in Art II, or Pre-IB (Course #6168 rather than #6160), will work “in two-dimensional art techniques on an advanced level. This course emphasizes mastery of technique, incorporation of historical and cultural influence, and self-evaluative awareness.”
This can be a very interesting class for students with budding artistic talent because they will get a chance to experiment with various media and they will be encouraged to practice a variety of personal expression.