A matched set with different ideas

Sibling Spotlight – Charlotte and Aaliyah Spears

Emily Torres Maravilla

Even though they are twins, they don’t always think the same way. While Charlotte Spears said, “I don’t think there are any challenges in sharing my birthday with Aaliyah. It’s kind of fun sharing a birthday with her,” her sister had a different perspective. “It’s hard to celebrate because we don’t always want to do the same thing,” said Aaliyah.

While they don’t share any classes, Charlotte said that it is good to have her sister there because she always has a friend on campus. “The worst thing about sharing the campus is that she’ll always find out everything about me,” she said.

Emily Torres Maravilla

Aaliyah didn’t see that drawback. “There’s nothing bad about sharing [the campus] with her,” she said.

Charlotte hopes to continue sharing a campus with Aaliyah after they graduate from Armijo. “I would like to go to the same college as her,” she said, although she had no idea what she wanted to do after graduation. There’s been enough to think about this year after COVID. “I was super ready to go back to in person school because distance learning was really complicated,” Charlotte said.

Both girls play travel softball and hope to play for Armijo in the spring. “I think high school softball is going to be fun,” said Charlotte, who also likes spending time watching Netflix and hanging out with her friends.

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