First time’s the charm

ASB Spotlight

First times the charm

Kennedie Edejer had never been a class officer, but in her senior year she decided it was time. “I chose to go into student government because I had been in the Leadership Class for the past three years, and I thought it was about time that I took on a bigger role,” she said. “I knew that I had the experience, work ethic, and qualities to fit the position so I just went for it.”

Still, with a lack of experience, she wasn’t sure if she would be elected. “I was afraid that I wasn’t going to receive a position as an ASB officer,” said Edejer. However, after making an advertisement video, creating virtual campaign ads and presenting her speech to the Leadership Class last spring, Edejer found herself in the position of Associated Student Body (ASB) Secretary. 

“My role as an ASB officer is to guide and support Leadership students and other students to reach their full potential as leaders,” she said. Her tasks include leading tracks and mini committees during leadership. “In simpler words, these are groups of Leadership students that we plan events with… [as ASB Secretary], I am expected to basically sign a bunch of papers needed to pass money for the school.” 

The first thing that Edejer wanted to do as an ASB officer was to make the incoming underclassmen feel comfortable. For many of these students, “this was the first time they had been stepping onto the high school grounds, and I wanted to make sure that they felt comfortable at Armijo,” she said. “I also just wanted to set a welcoming and comfortable vibe for everyone else at Armijo, too. I knew that getting back into school out of our Distance Learning year would be hard, and that’s why I wanted to focus heavily on the atmosphere of our school.”

Now that she’s had a chance to serve as an ASB officer, she is considering continuing serving in college, although the thought is a bit daunting. “Sometimes I become stressed and anxious about my role as an ASB officer now, so I cannot imagine the difference in difficulty if I am elected in college,” she said. 

For those considering becoming an officer, she suggested people be confident in themselves and their leadership potential. “If you believe in your capability to do anything, then no one can tell you otherwise,” she said.

It helped that Edejer had some other experience at school. She’s been part of Stitcher’s Club, Ping Pong Club, Skate for Change Club, and Key Club. She was also captain of the Girl’s Tennis team for three years. She also plays tennis outside of school with friends, family and even her coach. “I also enjoy spending as much time with my family and friends since I am heading off to college next year,” she said. 

Her goal is to attend one of the University of California campuses, preferably UCLA, to study Earth Sciences and Climate and Environment Emphasis in Science. I am not quite sure what career I want to pursue, but all I know is that I enjoy learning about these types of sciences. I am hoping that taking classes relating to these majors in college will strike an idea for a career path,” said Edejer.

Before she can get to college, though, she said that she has positive memories about her high school experience. “When I think about changing Armijo, there isn’t much that comes to mind. I love the people, staff, and atmosphere of Armijo every day I show up for school,” she said. “If there was one thing that I had to change, it would be the pride that every student carries for this school. I know that I take pride in this school, and I always have good things to say about what is going on. But, I don’t know if all students at this school could say the same.”