Six things that make you want to scream


Roy Walker

While they may sound funny, are you scared of any of these?

MJ Sowell, Staff writer

1. Let’s be realistic. One of the scariest things imaginable is being in a place without Wi-Fi. It’s like being in the pioneer days, but so much worse because we know what’s missing, but we can only guess what we’d be missing when the Wi-Fi is down. When they make a horror movie about this scenario, it’s going to be terrifying!

2. Clowns with knives are doubly scary. When you finish reading this list, close your eyes and imagine a clown. Do you see their cute little red nose and white face, or do you see a monster? Whether or not the figure is intended to be entertaining, if you see a monster clown, especially one clutching a knife, you have a fear of clowns. It’s called Coulrophobia and it is no laughing matter.

3. Maybe you watch a lot of horror movies and say you aren’t scared, but if you are sitting alone in a dark room and you hear an unidentified noise coming from a corner, you might change your story. People say that horror movies don’t scare them, but they cause nightmares and if you aren’t afraid of the movies, why do you jump when you hear the sound?

4. You know it. Fear of pain and fear of punishment when someone threatens to hit you with either the belt or a chancla. It isn’t unusual to have this type of fear and it even has a name: algophobia. Stay safe, stay out of trouble, and you won’t likely have to face this fear.

5. A fear of shaky roller coasters isnt surprising. The designers rely on providing that burst of adrenaline that comes with this fear. It’s literally called coasterphobia because the early Greeks didn’t have a word for Roller Coasters. Wherever you go to Six Flags, though, there’s always that one kid who will not go on the roller coaster at all. That’s when the phobia really has an impact

6. If you were to see a bunch of spiders on your screen, what would you do?

A. Run for your life and scream bloody murder OR

B. Wave at them and act like theyre your friends.

If you said A, you have arachnophobia, but if you said B, I would say that you’re crazy.

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