Rub the sleep out of your eyes


Citlali Ornelas Toral, Staff writer

Seniors will gather together on the football field Friday, September 24, at 6 am to welcome the sun at the almost annual Senior Sunrise event. The event starts at 6 pm and sunrise is officially at 6:58 am. Seniors will need school IDs and can bring their own breakfast if they want.

Organized by the Junior and Senior Class officers, there will be donations of coffee, chocolate goodies and more from Dutch Bros.

The first Senior Sunrise took place 20 years ago and it has been a tradition for the school ever since. “Sunrise” is a symbolic event for seniors to be together in one place to make memories as they start their final year in high school. It represents growth and new beginnings of all kinds in life.

In the spring, the students hope to enjoy a Senior Sunset to close out their year, celebrating one of the last times they will be all together as a class.

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