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Underclassmen in leadership prepare to lead their classes.

Freshmen and sophomores have begun to consider their roles in student leadership. By Friday, September 17, students interested in becoming Class Officers for the Class of 2024 and the Class of 2025 should have submitted their applications and their Officer Bio to Leadership adviser, Mr. Casey Towner in G-10.

Those bios,  as well as a speech that will be shared during 0 period on Wednesday, September 22, will be presented to the Leadership class, and after the speeches are presented, there will be a time for other students to ask the candidate questions.  Elections are scheduled to take place during 0 period Leadership between Wednesday and Friday, September 22 and 24.

What candidates should be prepared for:

Officer Bio  – Due Friday, September 17

While students will not be advertising to the whole school, they will get some practice for elections in the next few years by making a bio that features highlights of achievements, roles at school, and a few highlights of your campaign. They can find a sample in their election packet, which was available on Monday, September 13.

Campaign Video – Due Saturday, September 18

Candidates should plan and make a video between 15-seconds and one minute long to introduce themselves. These videos will ONLY be shown in leadership during 0 period so that students can practice for the election process in  later years. Your video can be humorous, inspirational or just cute and creative.

*Please no negative publicity against others or something that isn’t school appropriate.

**Share the video with Mr. Towner or post to Youtube and send link to Mr. Towner

Speeches and Question and Answer Session – Due Wednesday, September 22

Potential officers will give a speech to the freshman leadership class in the class meeting, and are expected to arrive by 7 am.  Mr. Towner and the appropriate grade level advisor will be sitting in on the speeches, which have specific guidelines and a  3-minute time limit. After the speeches, Mr. Towner, class advisers, and  classmates will be asking some follow up questions about some of the things mentioned in the speech.

*During this time, students may also ask questions to better acquaint themselves with the candidates.

Tips for the Speech
  • Students will be given 2-3 minutes to speak to classmates about their plans for this year as an officer.
  • The speech should cover a little about the candidate and why he / she is interested in running for office.
  • The speech should be more about specific plans on how to help the class be successful in some of the following areas:         
  1. Meeting Structure and plans   
  2. Homecoming Meetings (Outside of school)
  3. Areas of Leadership Growth you’d like your class to work on.
  4. Class Closeness/Bonding/Growth
  5. Fundraising

Notes may be used for the speech and students are encouraged to try to make them fun for the audience. 

How the Election will be Scored:

Candidates will be ranked in order of their performances.  If there are five students running for office, each candidate will be ranked on a scale of one to five; five being the highest number of points available in each category.  The three categories are as follows:

  1.     Speech and Question and Answer/Session during class leadership* (30%)
  2.     Leadership Class Vote [Electoral Vote] (60%)
  3.     Mr. Towner Interview (10%)

Further questions can be directed to Mr. Casey Towner at [email protected]

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