Varsity struggles against Vacaville; JV soars

Varsity:8-1 loss (0-2-2) JV: 4-1 win (4-0-0)

Coach Megan Flores, Boys' Varsity Soccer Coach

It was a disappointing game for Varsity on May 7. They tried something new to boost the attack and unfortunately it hurt the defense too much, giving Vacaville three quick goals in the beginning of the first half.

The Royals were just asleep on the field and it took them too long to wake up and find a rhythm. The Bulldogs got another one in in the first half and Armijo was only able to counter with one quick goal by junior Cesar Molina. The boys got themselves picked up to start second half but Vacaville got another in and then, with a pause in game, everything slowed again.

Returning to play after the pause, the boys weren’t ready to make things happen and Vacaville got four more goals in before Armijo picked it back up at the end. The Royals were obviously upset over the score but conversation at end of the game was focused on knowing what went wrong and then talking together as we left on what they needed to do for next game.

On the other hand, the Junior Varsity (JV) is working well together and progressing wonderfully. Sophmore Esteban Carcamo started things off right with a straight shot into the net in the first five minutes. Vacaville was able to retaliate with a goal of their own about half way through, but both teams finished out the half strong with a 1-1 tie.

JV was ready to go at the beginning of the second half and sophmore Abraham Perez was able to sink three goals in a row within the first five minutes of the half. Both teams picked it up again and the score held to 4-1 for the JV Final.

“I am extremely proud of JV and their coach, Alonso Frias,” said Varsity Coach Megan Flores. “They are working well together and learning quickly. I hope for Varsity to continue to learn from our mistakes and look to what we need to improve on and make those changes.”

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