Junior: Jarvis Ferguson


Jarvis Ferguson

About me

Hello my name is Jarvis Ferguson, I am a current high school junior that loves to make people smile and bring joy in their life. I am a hard working,open minded,team player, and an outgoing type of person that is willing to put anyone’s needs first before mine. I get along with students and staff very well, I also get work done when it needs to be and I tend to have a lot of leadership experience to the point where I can mentor/guide someone else.

Leadership Experiences

I am the president of my very own club (Psychology club) where I teach students the different topics/fields of psychology that they’re interested in. I am also the president of GSA club (gay straight alliance), president of International club, and representative for theater club. While being members of that, I am a mentor to a great,respectful,kind, mente named Miranda Rodriguez and I am a “Big Brother” to many kids in the foster care system that needs help, guidance,love, a friend/brother, and a support system. 

Why I am Qualified 

The reason why I am qualified for this position is because I have a great attitude to the peers that’s around me and I am a person that is trustworthy,responsible, and very hard working. Like I said before I bring great leadership skills not only to my classmates but to the environment I am in rather its in school or outside  of school. Ever since I was a little boy I always had the kindness out of my heart to help/guide people, even when I don’t know them I still will help/support them in whatever they need and I give my respect to everyone no matter what their sexual orientation,beliefs,skin color, or background they are, I treat everyone with the respect I that they need.

How would I make the school a better/safe environment today?

Well knowing me, I am 100% always ready for anything rather it is good or bad. I deeply believe that if you treat someone or something with respect then you’ll get the same respect back, like what everyone says “What goes around,Come around” and I totally agree with that statement. If I was president or vice president I would help keep the campus clean and I will help students/staff with the major things like Bullying,drugs on campus,helping students with depression, and much more things I can list off. But anybody can say that, but will their actions show when it’s time, I just feel like if i was president or vice president I would get on those serious topics as soon as I can. But to tell you the truth, I was going to do something about that now like I already have Ideas that can help a little bit. And due to covid everyone is required to stay at home to calm the spread of the virus so on my behalf, I am staying home and self quarantining to keep others from harm and myself possibly getting covid. But when I do have to go out, I wear a mask at all times and I stay 6-feet away from another person so I can prevent either of us from catching covid. 

What I can do to keep the campus safe when we go back in person 

When it’s time to go back on campus, I am going to do everything in my power to keep the people,environment,and myself safe by putting on my mask when it’s needed,encouraging other staff/students to do the same, and throwing my trash away to prevent the school from getting dirty. Also everytime when I touch something, I will wash my hands and clean up after myself to make sure the next person has a clean/safe environment to work in.

How I will help students/staff with their needs 

When it comes to fulfilling the students/staff’s needs, I am the first one to offer myself to anyone’s aid. For example, when the students were not quite listening to the teachers, I noticed the teacher was a bit down because the students were being rude and not listening. But when I asked students why they were not listening and simply doing their work, they said that they were tired and that the teacher was giving them too much work. So me being the responsible one, I sat down with the teacher and I just talked to her, letting her know that they said that they were a little bit stressed and they needed a break. But long story short I had the courage to help the teacher and the students or as they say ‘’I was killing two birds with one stone”, and I made everyone kinda chill out from being stressed out by each other. If you haven’t already figured out already, the point I am making in this story is that I was brave enough to put myself out there and help solve the problem.

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