A haunted Solano


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Our Solano county can be very spooky!

Mayra Sencion-Guttierez, Staff writer

Solano County has a lot of places that are haunted, according to Haunted Places. In some of these places, people have experienced paranormal activity.
SF. Curbed says that there is evidence of haunting in Rockville Park. Chief Solano, or Sem Yeto, is rumored to appear underneath a buckeye tree there “to warn people from trampling the graves of those massacred by the Spanish.”
Both the Wednesday Club at 225 Sacramento Street and the Waterfront Comic store 609 Main Street in Suisun are supposed to be haunted, as are several places in Vallejo and Benicia. The question is, are you willing to experience any of this paranormal activity?
In the past, ghost walks have been organized at the Suisun Waterfront and in Benicia, where paranormal sightings and stories are shared, passed down year after year.

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