The one and only Alex Padgett

Senior spotlight

Alex has reached his final year and stands alone.

ID photo

Alex has reached his final year and stands alone.

For years, there were two students by the name of Alexander Padgett, sharing the campus at Armijo. Last year, the older of the two graduated, and this year it is time for the younger to do the same.

Early on, there was some confusion when the older Padgett had teachers who would share his documents with his younger counterpart and vice versa, but that won’t happen this year.

Currently, the only Alexander Padgett on campus is glad to not have his work, his accomplishments and his name shared with someone else. While he no longer has to compete with his namesake at Armijo, he does share the campus with another Padgett, his sister Brianna, who is a sophomore.

It was a big change for Padgett when he came to Armijo from David Weir K-8, but he found his place among his friends. As a freshman in 2017, he shared that he had an interest in attending UC Davis but he was also considering Sac State. He was unable to respond to a recent interview, but as a freshman, he did share that he had an interest in hip-hop and rap music.

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