Historical Fiction – final draft due 9/22

Monthly writing contest offers cash prizes

Make the past develop your future with this contest.


Make the past develop your future with this contest.

“Novelists,” wrote the Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni back in 1850, convey “not just the bare bones of history of history, but something richer, more complete… [they] put the flesh back on the skeleton that is history.” This month, dear writers, in short story form, take your readers back in time through the eyes of a real or imagined historical character. Perhaps you’ll write a story centered around the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, a piece set in Vietnam in the 1800s, a Mayan child’s life in 300 A.D.; or perhaps you’ll research a time when your favourite author or historical figure was growing up, or ask a grandparent about his or her earliest memories.

Writing Form: Fiction

Subjective Areas: Creative Writing, Literature / English, History, Social Studies

Length: 600-1000 words

Opens: Monday, September 7

Drafts due for Expert Review: Monday, September 14

Submissions Due: Tuesday, September 22

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