Far From Home: Mexico


ID Photo

For Miguel, it was his time in Mexico when he was far from home.

Christa DeLaTorre, Staff writer

When Miguel Salas was in elementary school, he lived in Mexico, but about five years ago he moved to California. He lived in Mexico for about six years and used to visit his home country annually, but that he hasn’t had a chance to do that recently.

One of the things that drove Salas away from Mexico was the violence, which helped to motivate him and his family to find a safer place. Another reason that he moved to California is because his family found work here and it was a safer place to be. He does miss the overall culture of Mexico, which is different in many ways from the culture in the United States, and more specifically, that of California.

Salas was actually born in California and only spent about five years in Mexico. He likes being back in the United States and has more friends here than he did when he was in Mexico. It was sad for him to leave that country and its people behind, but he was young so he has adapted well to the change.

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