Get to Know Mrs. Shabazz

Jasmine Reyes, Classes Editor

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         Amongst the several math teachers we have at Armijo, you may or may have not heard of Mrs. Shabazz. Mrs. Shabazz has been teaching at Armijo for five dazzling years and strives to reach a 100% success rate in her classes each year. Despite the mutual fear of math that we, as teenagers, share most definitely, Shabazz embraces the power of math. When asked why she chose math to teach out of all of the other subjects, she stated her love for math saying, “even when languages, cultures, and technology die out, math never does.” In addition to her choice to teach math at Armijo, she believes that the students that she teach at Armijo are great, giving her a different experience everyday. But long behold, Shabazz does many other exciting things other than teaching math at Armijo. She hopes to attend more school functions throughout the year, and enjoys many other activities outside of the classroom. The majority of her time is consumed by her daughter’s soccer training, but when she finds time to, she indulges her free time in cycling, hunting, reading, crocheting, and watching movies!

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