The acts of a selfless volunteer

Ademar has found lots of ways to give back to the community.

ID photo

Ademar has found lots of ways to give back to the community.

Yakira Hollis, Fundraising editor

Many people volunteer to help their community or to make changes for the better of the world. Not many look at small things people do around our campus. A lot of people do volunteer activities or other kind acts to help but are never noticed for it. Junior Ademar Reyes has selflessly helped out at leadership events and doing various coastal clean-ups with ROTC over his three years at Armijo. Reyes’ favorite thing about volunteering is being able to help the community out.

Reyes, dressed in a white polka-dot button-up with black skinny jeans and grey Vans, paused in his busy schedule for an interview. He said that his favorite memory “was digging up garbage while we cleaned a creek,” he said. “It was nice being surrounded with people wanting to help the earth and community.” For the coastal clean-up, volunteers went down to the creek area and grabbed all the trash, recycling what they could to help out the environment.

“I started volunteering about four years ago,” Reyes said. “Once I got to Leadership, they taught me that doing stuff for others is better than doing it for myself.” He went on to explain that, as a community, people should take the time to help out and do clean-ups or any volunteering activity to help our Fairfield-Suisun area. This would be a step toward changing the world.

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