Not Just The Money On Her Mind

Adriana Bernal, Staff Writer

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If one were to describe Kennedy Corley in a single word, ‘cheerful’ would most definitely fit her. As the Class of 2020’s treasurer, handling the money is a very important job. Excited for what the year has in store, Kennedy plans on contributing much more than her financial skills to the freshmen class.

Running for class office can be intimidating, especially for a first year student, but not for Corley. Familiar with student government, Corley enthusiastically stated, “I thought it would be really fun! I thought it would be fun to keep being as involved as possible.” In her position, Corley hopes that the freshmen class will be able to fundraise successfully and spend money wisely. “Not only is it important to fundraise money, but it’s important that we know what to spend it on. We don’t want to spend it on things that aren’t that important,” advised Corley. With an optimistic outlook, she hopes that her class will make the most out of the year with their financial decisions.

With confidence, Corley expressed her other goals for her fellow ℅ ‘20. “I want to impress the upperclassmen. I want to show them that we can be mature and get stuff done,” said Corley. This confidence and determination will carry her far in her position as officer.

Not only is she excited for her new position , but Corely is looking forward to all the things she can get involved with, such as Leadership and Helping Hands. She really does enjoy being active on campus. “There are so many things to do and different kinds of people to get to know,” she cheerfully claimed. Her friendliness and desire to be involved will absolutely reflect in heras treasurer. Under her new position, Corley is ecstatic to start the year off strong. After sharing her goals, it looks like the Class of 2020 will have a great and successful year.

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