Meeting The Freshman In Charge

Abby Vigil, Staff Writer

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Nathan Klassen is a very talented, light hearted kid. Although he hasn’t had a lot of experience, he has high hopes for the year. ran for class president to make new friends and to learn to be a leader in future situations. “I’m most excited for meeting new people, developing or strengthening friendships, and overall just becoming a great leader!” Klassen recited.

He is enthralled for a new year but, does have some fears looking into the future. Klassen said, “My biggest fear is obviously messing up, I always was a people pleaser, and to fail at being president would be really heartbreaking. Some failures would be not being ready for homecoming or any other events that could be disastrous.” Even though Klassen has some worries, he’s not letting that hold him back.

He has many goals for the class of 2020. Such as, having everyone look back on leadership and be proud of what they have done. He wants people to not look back and think that they wasted their time and made their peers upset.

Klassen is trying to be a good class president, with all good presidents require some sort of plans for their year. Klassen said, “I plan on getting the input of outside leadership students by advertising a lot on the events and also just asking people in my own classes on their ideas or support on homecoming.” Come and see what the freshman class president has in store for the upcoming homecoming by talking to Mr. Burzynski in AG-5.


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