Alex Padgett Takes on VP

Abby Vigil, Staff Writer

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Alex Padgett was a very promising candidate from the beginning of elections, many students agreed upon. He originally wanted to run for office because it looked interesting, and something in him was compelled to help. He didn’t know much about it, but was very intrigued and wanted to know more.

Padgett sees the problems already in the first few weeks of school, and wants to make it more fair for everyone. “A way that we’ve come up with so everyone can get their say is to have a suggestion box. Basically anyone can email Mr. B or any of the officers to get more information or to just propose new ideas,” Padgett said. You can email [email protected] or go to AG-5 to make suggestions for the freshman class.

If all goes well, Padgett is planning on running again for office. Even though it’s early, he has high hopes for the year and is thinking long-term rather than just freshman year. One of the biggest problems that he sees is not enough people know about an event or homecoming meetings when it’s happening. He doesn’t want to leave people in the dark. To fix this, he wants to do a lot of advertising so everyone knows what’s happening and where it’s happening so all students get included in events to improve their high school experience.

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