In the Right Place

Royce Guo, Staff Writer

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For freshman class secretary, John “Jack” Curry, action has been his foundational key to all success. “It wasn’t as easy as a walk in the park, I had to put in serious work,” said Curry. In planning for the election, Curry spent many hours drafting his speech, preparing a comprehensive plan for the year, and working with fellow students to gain support.

Curry chose the position of secretary because he felt that it best fit his mindset. As secretary, Curry will be taking detailed minutes at each class meeting and taking part in class officer meetings. In addition, Curry will also be a planning member in roles such as backdrop art, music, and dance. In encouraging others to take higher roles in leadership, Curry said, “Make sure to take in account all parts of the process, including the teacher’s percentage and the class vote.”

Through the process of preparing for the officer role, Curry took examination what he would best contribute to the position. He believes that his best strengths as an officer is his outgoing personality and ability to communicate well. As for events throughout the school year, Curry has already spoken to his fellow officers about plans and ideas for homecoming and powderpuff and is currently taking input from upperclassmen. Towards the year to come, Curry had no doubts as to what could be achieved by the freshman class. He was optimistic towards the upcoming weeks of preparation, saying, “It seems like a lot of fun and I want to participate.” Curry’s motivation also led him into becoming involved outside of school. Outside of leadership, he is also involved as a student athlete in Cross Country and as a member of Key Club. He said, “It definitely pushes me to work harder and have determination.” In giving advice towards those who also manage busy schedules, he said, “Always make sure to balance your school work and outside activities.”

After attending high school, Curry plans on pursuing a higher education, but is still unclear of his plan. He hopes to find his interests though his high school career. While he is unclear of his plans to come, he is comfortable in his present in Armijo. Curry has already adopted the Armijo spirit and has attended many sporting events and lunchtime activities. “I’d like to say that I’ve made many friends so far at Amijo,” he said, “I hope to meet many more.”

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