Studying Tips for Finals


Photo by from Pexels

Spend your time wisely and enjoy the rewards.

Lunabella Peralta, Staff Writer

With finals just around the corner, it’s important to study and maintain grades for the last weeks of school. Although it may be hard, there are easy things you can do to begin.

First, stop procrastinating. Instead of leaving everything until the last minute, divide the study time throughout the days. This will give you more time to understand concepts instead of studying the night before.

Next, reread and take notes on sources. Highlighting and writing small summaries can help you remember important details in your notes or articles. These key ideas can then be your main topics in flashcards or another form of studying. Take away all distractions by turning off devices and cleaning your desk.

Lastly, with all the studying, it’s important to not over-study. Take breaks in between your studying and eat a good meal and fully rest for the next day of work.

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