Improving Eating Habits

Mariela Guerra (PSA), Staff Writer

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Eating habits differ from person to person. The eating habits we have usually come from the habits we are taught growing up. Sometimes, however, the habits that we have do not benefit us the way they should. There are very simple and easy changes that we can adopt to improve our health and daily nutrition.

A simple way to improve one’s eating habits is incorporating more healthy foods. A person can exchange one regular snack of processed food for a fresh fruit or vegetable. This simple change will help people to get in a more nutritious and filling snack.

Another way to improve eating habits is to carry around a water bottle; this is a way to be reminded to drink more water. Drinking more water can help with hydration and improve nutrition. Having healthy snacks available at home and at school can help, too. Having a healthy snack on hand instead of buying and eating an unhealthy snack can be financially better, too.

Students can also take the time to pack snacks and lunches, providing more control over nutrition and the food consumed. A healthy cookbook can provide new recipes to eat at home or to pack for lunch.

Not only what people eat, but where and how it is eaten affects health. It’s beneficial to eat meals with family or other people, relaxing and enjoying the meal slowly. Making healthy meals should not become a chore, but can definitely be an exercise in creativity.

These few changes can help you control your nutrition more and lead to a healthier lifestyle and body.

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