Robotics Fundraiser!


Armijo's Robotics Team!

Nicole Herston, President of the Indigo Dynamics Team

We would greatly appreciate it if you would help our foundation by donating to our robotics trip! Every year all the students in our program work so hard, all in order to make it to the world’s competition, which is a competition where all the best robotics teams from all over the world come together to compete for the world champion title. Not only are they competing, but they are learning teamwork and other skills that will both encourage them to seek a career in STEM while also helping them in their everyday lives.

This is an amazing opportunity, however, the trip is in Kentucky and we are in grave need of funding to get us there. Not only must we pay the fee to get into the competition, but we also must pay for air travel, a place to stay, food, and much more, which really adds up.  Please, any donation helps, and it goes directly into our non-profit organization. 

To donate, go to

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