What are We, Without Change?

Change isn't always a bad thing

Change isn't always a bad thing

Leila, Staff Writer

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Nobody likes change. This is one of the many facts of life that people are either proud of, or refuse to admit. Change in an environment you’ve gotten comfortable with is more than a little difficult. A shift in the routine is tough to get used to. However, change is mandatory. Nothing stays the same. Least of all: people.

The bottom line is that people change. For better, or for worse—of course, for better is always appreciated. What furthers a plot? Character development. What makes characters interesting? Relatability. Why? Because it’s just like real life. People make mistakes, and people can grow from those mistakes. It’s all we can do.

Developing your own character takes time, it takes effort, and it won’t always be easy. Setting out what you want to change about your life is the first step. What causes you unhappiness? What can you do to change that? If there’s something that’s harming your existence, find it and conquer it. Happiness starts with you.

One surefire way that helps people feel good about themselves is helping others, and maybe the stigma is that helping others just to feel good about yourself is selfish. Maybe it is, if you say it like that, but helping others is chance to ground yourself. Volunteering for any organization that helps the less fortunate can help you to get outside of yourself to be a positive impact in somebody else’s life.

Life is a chance to broaden our horizons, to explore the world, others, and ourselves, a chance to learn and grow as individuals. To go about life without change is hardly a life fulfilled. Change makes us human. If we can inflict a positive change on others, we can change ourselves for the better. We can develop our character to be better. Change is inevitable. As time goes by, we develop as humans; as people. Contrary to popular belief, everyone deserves happiness. The rewarding part is the journey there.

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