Editorial: Community Service

Why not get active in your community?

Why not get active in your community?

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Whether it’s through school, church, Boy Scouts, or Girl Scouts, community service builds moral character.

Service teaches people from a young age to look beyond their own needs and learn about the differences they can make in their community and country. Helping at animal shelters, working at soup kitchens, and fund-raising for charities are all great ways for people to get involved.

When looking at significance, math and volunteering are no different. In most cases, the lessons learned from volunteering are more beneficial than learning calculus or trigonometry. Community service teaches people the importance of giving back which is greater than most classroom experiences have to offer.

Helping the community is a stronger mark of character than grade point average or standardized testing could ever be. Students can gain leadership and organizational skills through doing good in their corner of the world.

Some clubs on campus with emphasis of community service include National Honor Society, Key Club, and Around the World. Why not consider becoming part of these clubs and part of the future?

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