Matt Garcia Foundation Keeps the Dream Alive

Matt Garcia inspires people of all ages

Matt Garcia inspires people of all ages

Sophia Newcomer (PSA), Staff Writer

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Matt Garcia grew up in Fairfield, graduating from Armijo High School in 2004, but at a young age, he dreamed of becoming a part of the Fairfield City Council.

Garcia had many dreams and hopes to improve the community. His dream came true in November 2007, but was tragically cut short when he was shot and killed on September 1, 2008.

In spite of his death, he has served as a light and inspiration to those who knew him and others who have become familiar with his legacy. Thanks to his mother Theresa Courtemanche and her husband Raymond Courtemanche, Garcia’s dream has thrived. They formed the Matt Garcia Foundation and every day they help transform our community into something great, and every day they are “keeping the dream alive.”

The Courtemanches could not run The Matt Garcia Foundation on their own, but with the help of volunteers they have been able to form something incredible. They formed advisory boards that support the community and help influence local youth.

One of the biggest volunteer opportunities is the community cleanups. On the last Saturday of every month, from 9 am to noon, volunteers of all ages meet and carry out Garcia’s legacy by cleaning up downtown Fairfield. It’s an incredible way to meet awesome people and improve the community.

The Matt Garcia Foundation is a great organization that offers several opportunities to improve the community. More information about volunteer opportunities and the foundation’s background can be found on their website:

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