Sibling Spotlight

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Sibling Spotlight

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It’s not always easy having to share a campus with your brother or sister. Kehaulani and Lehualani (Lehua) Patenio can tell you that. “She’s always overbearing to me,” said Kehaulani. “Also, I don’t really like the fact that she’s already made an impression on most people.” Lehua admitted that her sister probably sees her as “overbearing and awkward at times” but didn’t see it as a problem.

Lehua does not feel that this is the case. “I don’t see how others say we look alike.”

Despite the challenges, the sisters do see the bright side of things. Lehua said that the best thing about sharing the campus with her sister is “having someone to talk to at any time of the day.” Her sister is grateful that she feels accepted with Lehua’s friends.

Since they are two years apart, they have always been attending the same schools, although not always at the same time. They went to Bransford, Cleo Gordon and Fairview Elementary Schools, Crystal Middle School and now Armijo, although they probably won’t attend the same college.

Their post-high school grades differ, but there are some similarities. Kehaulani wants to join the Air Force, serve her time and then go into baking. Lehua wants to spend a year working before attending trade school. She also enjoys baking, as well as welding, working with teams – especially in her Virtual Enterprise class, reading and writing. Kehaulani’s hobbies include art and photography. For fun, Kehaulani enjoys walking around campus and eating with her friend Jazmin.

“Even though we argue a lot, we always end up making up or forgiving one another,” said Lehua, and that’s the way it should be when you have to share a campus as large – and as small – as Armijo High School.

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Sibling Spotlight