Meet the Editor- Photography

Isabella Roxas, Photography Editor

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A story could always use a picture! As the photo editor for the Armijo Signal, I am in charge of managing what, where, when, and how pictures of our students should be taken. Not only do I crop and edit photos, I need to make sure these photos are attached to the correct stories right before it is published live onto the website. A photo editor’s job is to manage time for the photographers and the story editors. I am the bridge between these two important roles of a great online school newspaper. I communicate with my fellow workmates and help them stay on task with their work. I always need to be on my toes with due dates and publish days to ensure happy editors, photographers, journalists, and readers. My job could be stressful and difficult at times, but I do my best to make sure the editors and photographers are satisfied with their work. I showcase the art of writing and photography all in one form of media, The Armijo Signal. Our journalists and photographers deserve to noticed, and my job is for them to be seen to everyone.

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Meet the Editor- Photography